Buster for Windows

This blog is powered by ghost, pretty rad tool. However to get it running on github pages, you need a static version of your site. That's where buster comes into play. It's a wrapper around wget, with few additional tasks for setting your website up.

So what's the deal?

NTFS filesystems can't handle ? in filenames. Nowadays assets are usually cached using query string (for example asset/js/main.js?version=232314). When scraping website with wget, if you stumble upon such file, and wget has flag --restrict-file-name=unix the file won't be downloaded at all. That's really annoying, because I thought it'd be simply encoded as %3F. I followed this tutorial, however it seems wget for some reason applied rewrite to relative paths, even though it shouldn't with restrict-file-name flag (I'm using msys 1.0 wget version). So I made a little edit to latest buster version so rewrite won't happen at all, added safety measure against duplicate files, and released it as a bundle.

Here you go.